What is affiliation ?

Affiliation gives websites having contents to promote (advertiser) the opportunity to propose a contract of partnership to sites having traffic (webmaster). The webmasters will post an ad for the advertiser, directing traffic towards him. The webmaster gets paid according to the results.

This concept was born in the United States at the end of the 1990's, when some e-salesman suggested to webmasters who owned sites with traffic, to post their products in exchange of a commission on the generated sales.

Platforms came along later in order to bring together the different advertising campaigns and to give the webmasters other opportunities. There are other sorts of affiliation systems; some sites for instance have their own affiliation system.

The commissions earned by the webmasters have also changed. They are now paid for posting a banner, for the click on a banner(visit), for the contacts and the sales generated by their sites.

But how to track an internet user ?
Once the webmaster has posted the advertiser's campaign, the affiliation platform gives the advertiser and the webmaters all the tracking tools. This tracking system helps you to see what an internet user has been doing on a website.

The platform will therefore be able to determin on which site the sale took place. The adviser, using the platform, will be able to transfer the money to the webmaster.

Affiliation generates income. It is the easiest way to make the most out of a site's popularity. Today, there are about twenty companies working on the French affiliation market.

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